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Galilei company has been working since 1993 in Belgrade, Serbia. We have worked in many areas of information technologies. In the last 21 years, the main activity is the design and development of web applications, and special school management software. The founder is Nebojša Obradović software engineer. Assistants are top experts from different areas of information technology.
Nebojša Obradović
GM Galilei IT, Software Engineer and Graduate Physicist


We have technology platforms to provide you wide array of services. Contemporary standards in a web development.  We build and strategize solutions based on your vision so that you have all the options before moving forward with your project. Your satisfaction is our very first priority. If you have any problems with your web application, we are here to solve them in every possible manner with flexibility. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Web Development

Project and design web applications

Outsourcing Services

Analysis of customer requirements, preparation, and development of projects


Some of our works

GALIS School Management System
Galis music schools' competitions
Galis music schools' musical notes stock
Galis music schools' musical instruments stock
Galis portal of schools'
Book Store
Local Government Management System
Serbian Trade Union Community - National Assembly

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